Weekly Watching: Value Investing Videos - 1/4/15

by Scuttlebutt Investor

While perusing over the last couple weeks and with the help of some links sent over by a friend, I came across some great videos on value investing from some of the masters. So instead of the usual Weekly Reading post, I've replaced it with Weekly Watching.  Take some time to watch these videos and take some notes as there are some great nuggets in them.  The videos are from talks hosted at the Google campus over the last several months.  



Whitney Tilson (from Kase Capital fomerly T2) discusses his investment approach and analyzes an investment in Google (GOOG) stock.  He also takes some questions from the audience.  I wouldn't necessarily call Tilson a value investor in the purest sense but he is very intelligent and this is my favorite video of the bunch.


Mohnish Pabrai runs Pabrai Investment Funds and is also the author of "The Dhandho Investor" and "Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing".  In this video, he discusses value investing concepts like asymmetric bets, circle of competence, the difference between risk and uncertainty and compounding. 


Guy Spier is the head of a Zurich based investment fund called the Aquamarine Fund, which is styled after Warren Buffett's 1950s investment partnerships.  In this video, he discusses his book "The Education of a Value Investor" and how he found his path to a value investing approach.  



Tobias Carlisle is the Managing Director of Eyquem Investment Management.  He recently wrote a book entitled "Deep Value".  In the video, he discusses some topics from his book including the behavioral reasons why stocks become undervalued, ways to avoid making behavioral errors, mean reversion and a simple metric for generating outstanding returns.  This video is a bit slow and somewhat dry as compared to the other videos, but still has some insightful tidbits.