Weekly Reading - 6/9/15

by Scuttlebutt Investor

It's been a while since I posted a Weekly Reading post but there have been some great articles recently that I thought were worth sharing.

The War on Big Food - Fortune

  • Consumers are increasingly rejecting products from the packaged food giants in favor of the wholesome, organic and fresh products of smaller upstarts

How Disney Milks Its Hits for Profits Ever After - WSJ

  • The "magic" of Disney is that it doesn't just make great content, but it builds enduring franchises around that great content.

Stock Buybacks That Hurt Shareholders - NY Times

  • Be wary of stock buybacks when management teams feed themselves at the expense of shareholders

Risk Revisited Again- Howard Marks

  • Latest memo from genius investor Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital.  He states that it is more important to pay attention to loss prevention than the pursuit of gain in today's market.  Marks' wonderful book "The Most Important Thing" which is a compilation of his brilliant memos is included in the Scuttlebutt Reading List.

An Analysis of Norfolk Southern - Dividend Growth Investor

  • A case for an investment in the US railroads given their moat and superior economics versus other modes of transport.  

Interviews with Carl Icahn Part 1 and Part 2 - Wall Street Week

  • Carl Icahn talks about his humble beginnings, Apple (AAPL) stock and a bunch of other stuff.