Brand as a Durable? Competitive Advantage

by Scuttlebutt Investor

Last week, I was invited to lunch with members of the value investing club organized by Googlers internally in Mountain View. I had a fun time with an incredibly smart group talking about moats, competitive advantages and the durability of brand as a competitive advantage.  The latter being one of my favorite topics.  It was a good discussion and there were lots of great questions that made me think about a few things in some different ways.  We also dug into National Beverage Corporation (FIZZ) as a case study on brand.  You may not have heard of the company but you might know its #1 product (see presentation below).

Thought it would be worth sharing my presentation here for all interested.  Click the button below to download it.  Note that I made some tweaks to the original presentation, mainly to add in notes where I voiced over things.